Progress Tracking

Keep track and monitor your construction. Keep your stakeholders up to date of what is happening on site in real time.

Assess and communicate your timeline at each stage of your project/construction

The organized site data/images can easily be shared with clients and partners

Safely diminish the job site risks and hazards without stepping foot on dangerous areas

Mapping & Modelling

Drone Shift captures aerial data safely and easily with our 2D & 3D drone mapping solutions.

Accurately analyze and measure terrain elevations, area and linear distances. Calculate stockpile and pit volumes to get accurate estimates of on-site inventory. See progress visually by comparing multiple datasets/images over time


Drone Shift provides high resolution visuals

Quickly identify irregularities with high res visuals. Eliminate hazardous risks while conducting inspections in environments. Document images as evidence for code/rules compliance and accountability in the future.

For Your Construction projects

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